Bleu Pierre FMC was founded in Manila in 2017.

Prior to its presence in Manila, the team behind the company are in the facility and asset management industry and serving multinational and various government institutions.

More than 25 years of professional involvement in project and facility management in Asia, Africa and Middle East region.

Backed up with latest system & technology from Finland, Spain and China.

Focusing on innovation, commitment to social responsibility and promoting environmental sustainability.

BleuPierre FMC – “Make it SYSTEMATIC”

Petdentity Phil. Inc. and Birdentity Phil. Inc. are brain children of Bleu Pierre FMC:


Petdentity Phil. Inc.
An Integrated / Unified Pet Data Management System that will support the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 (R.A. 9482), R.A.8485:

Mass Registration and Anti-Rabies Vaccination and Control.

Advocacy : Free Rabies Philippines 2020
Policy : Compliance – Nationwide
Governance : Statutory Regulation, DA/BAI, DOH and LGUs
Scope : Rabies Control and Data, Loss Prevention and Recovery Management
Procedure : Permanent Identity (Microchip), Accessible Electronic Data
Audit : Continuous Improvement

Functions:Web System (Primary Data)
Data / Records for DA/BAI and DOH report
LGUs Mass Vaccination Implementation Data
Found and Temporary Shelter Inquiry
Veterinary Data (Local and International)

Mobile Application (User’s Interface)
Owners on-hand 24/7 Pet information
Pet travel requirement
LGUs and other Authority Inspections

Pet Passport System (Optional)
TBA – Proper implementation to be discussed with BAI


Birdentity Phil. Inc.
A dedicate system developed to elevate the standard of game fowl industry in the Philippines including Anti-Theft solution.

Birdentity System vision and mission is to help the Philippines game fowl industry by the implementation of harmonious control and management of their stocks.

From Anti-Theft, Recovery and Transit (TBA) of their game fowl.
To work hand in hand with the Commission (Authority), Federations and Game Farm owners toward modernization of the cockfighting industry in the Philippines
To assist both breeders and hobbyist to protect them from false accusation and their stock in rampant theft activity both in urban and rural areas.
To have a proper Bird Age (hatch) record (for Stag regulation).
To reduce or avoid the use of wing band that give discomfort feeling to the bird in its lifetime and particularly during the fight.
To have an identity system for verification during the inspection by the authority

Also in partnership with:


Granlund Manager
A Finland developed CAFM System.